NEU Nootropic Boost | Pack of 12 | Nootropic Energy Drink
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NEU Nootropic Boost | Pack of 12

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NEU Nootropic Boosts contain safe and effective cognitive enhancing nutrients called nootropics. These powerful compounds support motivation, focus and mood. Simply shake and shoot when you want to have the advantage. Neu nootropic boosts deliver more active nootropics, vitamins, and nutrients to your brain that you can feel in minutes!

Experience a Powerful Cognitive Boost Like No Other

- Powerful Nootropics + 125mg Organic Caffeine from Green Coffee

- Sustain Cognitive Performance

- Improves Mental Clarity

- Enhances Memory Recall

- Brain-Barrier Delivery System

- Increases Alphawaves

All Natural - Only 4 Grams Sugar - 18 Calories - Vegan - Non-GMO - Gluten Free - Made in California

NEU contains a powerful nootropic stack made with effective doses of acetylcholine precursors like premium quality Alpha-GPC, DMAE (found in salmon), Phosphatidylserine, and CDP-CHOLINE to increase mental clarity, memory recall, and eliminate brain fog.

All in a ready-to-drink 2 oz beverage, take NEU daily for improved cognitive function.

Details and dimensions

  • ColorPantone 389c
  • Materials 2oz Beverages
  • Origin United States

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