Aluminum Deer Head LED Light Fixture | Electricity Hardwire
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Aluminum Deer Head LED | Hardwire

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Color Silver

Product Details

The Deer Head lamp is a wall-mounted light fixture that can be used to light a multitude of spaces. It's a classic, nostalgic wall piece given a contemporary and sophisticated interpretation. When lit, the Deer Head lamp creates a magical ambience. It's perfect for any situation; romantic moments in intimate spaces or magical fantasy in a child's bedroom.

Product Notes

    • - Mounting- Wall pendant
    • - Hardwire - can be wired to the electricity point in the room and switched on/off with the light switch (use professional electrician for installation). Lamp (Bulb) Description- 3*4 LED module 2700k 120lm- 2.1w
    • - Environment- Indoor
    • - Operation- wall or cable switch
    • - Voltage (V)- 110- 230
    • - UL / CE approved.

Details and dimensions

  • ColorSilver, Gold, White, Pink or Blue
  • Materials Aluminium | Steel
  • Origin Israel
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    15 14 3.9 inches
    38.1 35.56 9.91 cm

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Aluminum Deer Head LED | Plug

Aluminum Deer Head LED | Plug

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Cardboard Deer Head LED | Plug

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