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Aura Clean System

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Product Details

We realized that with even the most technically advanced toothbrush out there, if you are using a filthy brush in your mouth, it isn’t living up to its intended use. We worked to refocus on the purpose of the toothbrush: delivering Sonic cleanliness when in use & keeping it clean, charged & ready when not.

Just drop the brush into the base and a UV sterilizer ring blasts all sides of the toothbrush head in pathogen blasting UV-C rays. This kills 99.9+% of all germs. The UV-C sterilizer runs every couple hours to make sure that pesky 0.1% doesn't make a comeback while a brush dryer drives water off the bristles. The base also protects & encloses the toothbrush head from bathroom contaminants. All of these benefits are activated without the removal of the brush head; just simply rinse the brush and return it to its home.

Product Notes

    • - Includes:
    • - Aura Clean Toothbrush Handle
    • - 3 Aura Clean Brush Heads
    • - Aura Clean Base Station
    • - Charger
    • - Instruction Manual

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack or White
  • Materials Injection Molded Plastics | Electronics
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    4 4 11 inches
    10.16 10.16 27.94 cm

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Aura Clean Toothbrush Head | 3-Pack

Aura Clean Toothbrush Head | 3-Pack

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