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The petite A6 memobottle is designed to fit in your pocket, handbag or held while jogging. It's slim and considered form appeals to the active and social lifestyle. Each memobottle comes with a black and a white lid, a memobooklet and recycled cardboard packaging. 375ml (13 fl oz), BPA free, freezer friendly.

Product Notes

    • - Max temperature is 50 degrees celsius. (120F)
    • - Wash with warm water and don't wash in the dishwasher
    • - Volume capacity: 375ml (13fl)

Details and dimensions

  • ColorTransparent
  • Materials BPA-free Plastic
  • Origin Taiwan
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    7.12 4.1 1.2 inches
    18.08 10.41 3.05 cm

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