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RestOn Smart Sleep Monitor

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Product Details

RestOn is a user-friendly device that monitors, tracks and analyzes sleep quality. By simply laying the sensor band under the bed sheet, RestOn accurately measures heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles and body movement. Through an automatically synced Bluetooth connection, the SleepAce App provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive sleep analysis and expert sleep guidance to help users identify their sleep habits, improve sleep quality and achieve their best sleep each night.

  • Uses multiple ways to collect data to achieve comprehensive sleep parameter monitoring.
  • Heart rate & respiratory rate are measured in real time to read as accurately as possible.
  • The device records the time it takes to fall asleep, the actual sleep time.
  • Designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your sleeping haven.
  • Non-wearable and ultra-thin.
  • With one single snap of the magnetic lid, the device is fixed on the sheet and automatically turned on at the same time.

Product Notes

    • - Device: 4.1x3.5x0.4 inches
    • - Sensor Band: 34.6x2.6x0.08 inches
    • - Weight: 0.33Ib
    • - Battery: 1500mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
    • - Battery life: Up to 30 days
    • - Bluetooth: V4.0
    • - Wireless Range: 33ft
    • - System: Android 4.3 or later, iOS7 or later

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    4.1 3.5 0.4 inches
    10.41 8.89 1.02 cm

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