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Night Runner

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Product Details

The Night Runner is the perfect tool to make sure you are seen during your night run. Developed by athletes, Night Runner 270° safely lights the way from dusk till dawn without the hassles of headbands, belts, or straps. Designed for urban running, trail running, hiking, biking, and walking, Night Runner is a hands-free lighting solution that illuminates the path directly in front of you. The patent pending bi-lateral 'wing' design features 270 degrees of visibility in front of the runner and two red tail lights facing behind.

Product Notes

    • - Two ultra-light LED light units
    • - Back-facing red lights
    • - 4-8 hour battery life
    • - Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • - 75+ lumens per unit (x2)
    • - 30+ meters in beam distance
    • - Bi-lateral 'wing' design
    • - Water-resistant unit
    • - Secure, stable, multi-position shoelace clips

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack
  • Materials Plastic
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    1.5 1 1 inches
    3.81 2.54 2.54 cm

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