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Dimmable Closet Light

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Product Details

The closet light will allow you to effectively illuminate your closet space making your morning dressing routine a real pleasure. Closet light can be installed simply, quickly and without any tools. What makes closet light great is its smart motion sensor which detects both light and movement. This means that your closet light will only switch on when you enter your closet in the absence of a strong light source (daylight or your main lighting). Getting dressed for your day has never been so enjoyable!

Product Notes

    • - Motion Activated LED Closet Light with 1 10ft LED Flex Strip
    • - 1 Sensor
    • - Adjustable Timer
    • - Dimmer

Details and dimensions

  • ColorWhite
  • Materials LED Flex Strips | Sensor
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    10.25 7.5 2 inches
    26.04 19.05 5.08 cm

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Dimmable Bed Light

Dimmable Bed Light

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