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Q Smart Color LED Light Strip Package

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Product Details

Belleds Q Smart LED Strips Package includes one Q Station router and two energy efficient 10-feet long LED light strips. The Q system supports wireless audio streaming (Airplay, q-play, DLNA, BubleUPnP) through Wi-Fi from your smart devices to your home stereo system. Using our free smartphone app, you can create millions of different colors, dim the light, set up a scene, and connect to the world. The Q intelligently provides a light show for each song you listen to.

Details and dimensions

  • Materials LED
  • Origin United States
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    13 9.8 1.4 inches
    33.02 24.89 3.56 cm

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Q Smart Color LED Light Bulb Package

Q Smart Color LED Light Bulb Package

Member Pricing Only
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