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Q Smart Color LED Light Bulb Package

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Product Details

What makes Belleds superior to other bulbs on the market is that the system can be connected to Wifi, not bluetooth. Because home Wifi network normally covers the whole apartment or house, users can control the lights anywhere. But for Bluetooth, not really. Even though, the home WiFi is down, our system still can be used by connecting cell phones' network to our system's local network (Philips can not do so). Also with integrated music streaming function in our system and the LED lights can dance with the music when you play. Users (and their friends who visit their apt) can use any APP to play music and our lights can dance with the music.

This design is more user-friendly than other brands of lights. And it is a perfect system for parties!

Product Notes

    • - Connect using your Wifi
    • - Control Lights from anywhere in the house
    • - Connect up to 100 bulbs at a time
    • - Integrated music streaming
    • - Belleds Q Smart LED Bulbs Package includes one Q station router and three 7.5-Watt led light bulbs (50 watt replacement). The q system supports wireless audio streaming through Wi-Fi from your smart devices to your home stereo system. Using our free smartphone app, you can create millions of different colors, dim the light, set up a scene, and connect to the world. The Q intelligently provides a light show for each song you listen to. Connect up to one hundred bulbs, so it is easy for users to buy/add more Belleds lights later on to cover the whole apt or house. It is also easy for users to control the all the lights in one APP.

Details and dimensions

  • Materials LED
  • Origin United States
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    10 9 2.4 inches
    25.4 22.86 6.1 cm

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Q Smart Color LED Light Strip Package

Q Smart Color LED Light Strip Package

Member Pricing Only
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