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RSCU Utility Battery

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Product Details

Technology has become part of our lives when it comes to daily use, and when your tech runs out of power at unexpected times, you are often forced to stop what you were doing. The RSCU Utility Battery is a portable power pack, able to charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, and gaming system — its power canteen start your car. The device has two USB ports, a set of jumper cables and an adapter cable for recharging.

To use the RSCU battery for jump-starting, plug the jumper cables into the outlet, clamp in your battery and crank the engine. With the power below 25%, its 10,000-mAh battery is capable of starting the average care over 50 times by delivering 400A jump current. It also has a flashlight running to 320 hours charge with three modes; flashlight, strobe and an auto SOS beacon emitting 86 lumens in 300-foot radius. The end result is an utterly utilitarian tool for the modern age.

Product Notes

    • - Ultra-Portable power pack
    • - Starts your vehicle and charges your portable devices
    • - 2 USB charging ports — charges 2 portable devices simultaneously
    • - Built-in LED flashlight
    • - Battery Capacity: High power polymer battery (10000mAh)
    • - Input: Micro USB: 5V/2V for standard charge, DC 12V/2A for fast charge
    • - Output: USB 1 : DC 5V/1A, USB 2 : DC 5V/3A
    • - EC5: DC 12V/ Start Current > 200A, Peak Current 400A(3S)
    • - Warranty: 1 year
    • - Working Temperatures: -4F ~ 140F

Details and dimensions

  • ColorWhite
  • Materials PC/ABS
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    7 2 1.4 inches
    17.78 5.08 3.56 cm

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