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Aluminum iPhone 6 Case

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Color Gold/Black Gold/Brown Charcoal Gray/Black Charcoal Gray-Brown

Product Details

Armored bumper case equipped high strength aluminum shield cover and shock absorbing sub-structure for iPhone 5 withstands harsh environment.

Armored Protection: The desired combination of aluminum shield cover and shock absorbing sub-structure creates optimal condition for the best protection.
Ultra-strong LCD Screen Protection: Best in class "Shatterproof" film protects the surfaces from breaks and scratches.
Backside Protection: Hard coated protection film protects the backside from scratches
No Signal Loss: Unique combination between authentic aluminum and TPE never compromises the signal reception.
Keep Apple Visible: Exhibit the high-quality fit & finishing of iPhone.

Product Notes

    • - Dimension: 74.47mm X 145.64mm X 12mm (for iPhone 6 / 6S Case)
    • - Materials for Outer Frame: Machined Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (6024)
    • - Materials for Shock Absorbing Substrate: Polyurethane
    • - Assembly Method: Friction Fit and Snap Lock
    • - Aircraft Grade Machined Aluminum Fram X 2 (Front, Back)
    • - Shock Absorbing TPE Center Core X 1
    • - Shatterproof Front LCD Protections Film X 1
    • - Hard Coated Back Protection Film X 1

Details and dimensions

  • ColorGold- Brown, Gold-Black, Gray-Black or Gray-Brown
  • Materials Aluminum/TPU
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    5.7 3 0.5 inches
    14.48 7.62 1.27 cm

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