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Matter and Form 3D Scanner

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Product Details

The future has arrived with the Matter and Form 3D Scanner. With the first truly affordable laser-based 3D object scanner, you can make your ideas a reality and fast track the design process. Weighing less than four pounds, the scanner is small and light enough to be portable while the cleverly designed integrated case can be folded closed into a tall box with a handle. After a one-time set up, simply place an object on the scanner, click a button to scan and watch it go. Whether you want to perform basic scans in five minutes or less or use the scanner for more detailed, full color scans, the customer software allows you to animate or directly print your scan.

Product Notes

    • - Perform high-resolution scans in as little as 5 minutes
    • - Capture your object in full colour through our custom software
    • - No assembly required. Our scanners are ready to use right out of the box
    • - Custom software meshing algorithms create watertight meshes, making an item ready to print or animate
    • - Small desktop footprint, neat storage and simple transport... our integrated case stores and protects the scanner
    • - The HD camera produces accurate and detailed scans rivaling many of the more expensive 3D scanners on the market
    • - Scan items up to 18cm (7.0 in) diameter x 25cm (9.8 in) height
    • - Capture approximately 2000 points per second giving you amazing surface detail
    • - Save to .STL, .OBJ, and point cloud .PLY formats for superior compatibility
    • - Watch your item form as a point cloud (a set of data points that represent the external surface of your object) in real time as the scanner does its thing

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack and White
  • Materials Plastic and rubber
  • Weight
    7.00 oz
    198 g
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    21 11.9 4.3 inches
    53.34 30.23 10.92 cm

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