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Kala Pocket Sundial

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The Kala Pocket Sundial is the most charming timepiece of its kind. Crafted with traditional materials, based on ancient knowledge, this sundial will be a reliable friend on your journeys around the world. The Kala Pocket Sundial is based on the universal equinoctial ring sundial, a historic sundial used by ancient sailors and mathematicians. This particular type of sundial also indicates the true North and is aligned with the axis of the Earth. Designed as a contemporary response to a historic timepiece, the Kala Pocket Sundial can also be used as sun compass, a model of the world and a piece of jewelry. Experience the Kala Pocket Sundial yourself and understand the true spirit of time.

Product Notes

    • - Made of solid brass and steel
    • - Black ink coating (antique model only)
    • - Fully assembled
    • - Ø 60 mm/ 2.36 inches diameter
    • - Weight 40 g
    • - Includes five language instruction manual (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
    • - Comes in elegant dark grey case
    • - Outer and inner ring can be folded together for easy transport
    • - Can be used around the world to indicate the local solar time
    • - No battery but sun required!

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBrass
  • Materials Brass and Steel
  • Origin Austria
  • Weight
    0.08 lbs
    36 g

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