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Cactus Chair

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Product Details

The Cactus Chair is a member of Thislexik's Peak Series, establishing a dynamic relationship between the owner and product with seemingly simple yet elaborate design concepts. This particular piece incorporates aesthetics, humor, and a touch of surprise to keep you on the edge of your seat. The cast acrylic planes make the chair completely transparent, presenting the potential risk of sitting atop a barrel cactus (which is included), but the geometric shape gives the piece its rigid structure so that the threat of the cactus is left behind.

Details and dimensions

  • Materials Cast Acrylic, 10 Inch Barrel Cactus
  • Origin United States
  • Weight
    50.00 lbs
    22.68 kg
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    25 23 29.5 inches
    63.5 58.42 74.93 cm

Shipping + delivery

  • Shipping Policy Standard
  • Shipping Availability USA/Canada
  • Estimated Delivery 2-3 weeks
  • Return Policy Final sale, not eligible for return
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