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Solid Gray Backpack, White

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Color Crisp White

Product Details

The design of the Solid Gray backpack combines shapes that are found in animals such as insects with mathematical polygon structures. This clever construction allows for the toughest possible shell to be made from the thinnest layer of material. Tough aluminium rivets are used to assemble a hard shell that will last you many years.

Solid Gray is proudly manufactured in the Netherlands, allowing for the highest possible production standards. This backpack is made using an advanced polymer with a material that is extremely lightweight and can be folded millions of times without breaking or tearing. In combination with our unique design, it makes for a backpack that weighs just 1275 grams. Due to Solid Gray’s unique design, some people worry about how comfortable it might be. Don’t worry, the back-side is flexible and slightly curved. We actually guarantee a comfortable fit.

Product Notes

    • - Airplane hand luggage: The backpacks suits the cabin requirements of most airlines
    • - Laptop sizes: Main compartment fits most laptops up to 15.6 inch
    • - Production: Precise machine cut sheets are assembled by hand, ensuring the highest quality standards
    • - Body: PP Padding: EPDM
    • - Straps: PP / POM
    • - Laptop strap: PP / POM
    • - Recycling: Solid Gray products can be fully disassembled for recycling
    • - Cell phone sizes: Cell phone compartment fits all smartphones
    • - Rivets: Aluminum
    • - Volume: 15 liters

Details and dimensions

  • ColorWhite
  • Materials Aluminum rivets with PP/POM straps
  • Origin Netherlands
  • Weight
    2.811 lbs
    1.275 kg
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    7.9 12.6 19.7 inches
    20.07 32 50.04 cm

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