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Home-Brew Beer Kit | The Long One

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Long and sleek, this handcrafted home brewing kit is our most popular.

The base measures 44" long and 10" wide. This one-gallon model includes 8 reusable cobalt blue flip-top bottles to bottle your beer, no caps required.

From start to finish, the brewing process takes as little as two weeks and will create about eight tasty 16 oz. beers for you and your friends to enjoy. Get brewing today!

Parts included:

  • Box Brew Kit 1-gallon base, handcrafted from rustic pine
  • One 1-gallon glass fermenter
  • 8 reusable 16 oz. cobalt blue flip-top bottles (no need for capping)
  • Triple-scale hydrometer with glass test jar (and stand), for measuring alcohol content
  • Auto-siphon, for quickly and easily transferring your beer between vessels
  • 2" stainless steel funnel
  • Drilled rubber stopper
  • 3-piece plastic airlock
  • Laboratory thermometer
  • Miscellaneous glass jar (for priming sugar, sanitizer, etc.)
  • 3' length of 3/8" tubing, for siphoning your beer
  • Recipe book with over 25 recipes to choose from
  • Brewers' log
  • Full set of instructions

Details and dimensions

  • Materials Rustic pine
  • Origin United States
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    46 11 14 inches
    1.17 0.28 0.36 m

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