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Lighting Studio + Diffuser

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Product Details

KICK + Diffuser is a portable lighting studio for photo & video that is small and lightweight, but boasts high output and a wide range of lighting effects. This device excels at animated light. Candle flicker. Blistering lightning storms – Kick can produce any animated light effect. The KICK diffuser, is small, robust and created from a newly developed hybrid nanomaterial, which combines bulk diffusion with surface diffusion for a fantastic result.

With the free Kick iOS or Android app, KICK can:

  • Manipulate all the colors of the rainbow and any color in between.
  • Choose from a standard color picker, or sample the light effect you want the Kick to emit.
  • Sample colors and light effects, from an existing image or video or directly from the world around you via the phone camera.
  • Produce any animated light effect.
  • Sample light effects from any video stored on your phone:
    • From within the Kick app you open and run any video; simply move the cursor over the light effect you want to sample, and the app will stream that light directly to your Kick.

Product Notes

    • - Ultra compact and lightweight – high output
    • - Adjustable brightness and color temperature
    • - Digital color technology
    • - Full color technology: no filters/gels
    • - Animated light and built-in video effects
    • - Multiple KICKs may be linked via WiFi
    • - Remote controlled via the iOS or Android app
    • - Works with any camera device
    • - Handheld or mounted on a tripod
    • - Free app for iOS and Android
    • - Free app available on the App Store and on Google Play

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack
  • Materials Plastic
  • Origin Hungary
  • Weight
    1 lbs
    454 g
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    6 4 4 inches
    15.24 10.16 10.16 cm

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