Hekkpipe Hexagon - A Hookah that Requires Very Minimal Set Up Time
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Hekkpipe Hexagon

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Product Details

Lightweight, compact and eye-catching, Hekkpipe Hexagon brings you the quickest set up time. It’s easy to use and takes half the time to set up as compared to your average hookah. It's equipped with a special metal cone that sits directly on top of the bowl, eliminating the need to use tinfoil. It even has a special compartment for hot coal, making it easy to move or replace the coal. This hookah is our most affordable and easy-to-use and brings you the flashiest design. No compromises in quality, of course.

Product Notes

    • - Each package contains: wooden case, metal bottle, metal/plastic stem, vortex type bowl, hose and pincers

Details and dimensions

  • ColorNatural
  • Materials Plywood, Wood, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PVC, Clay
  • Origin Estonia
  • Weight
    3.40 lbs
    1.542 kg
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    4 4 13 inches
    10.16 10.16 33.02 cm

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Hekkpipe Deluxe

Hekkpipe Deluxe

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Hekkpipe Active

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