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Aesthetica Mosaic | Pheromone Design | A Tribute to Nature

Aesthetica Mosaic

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The Aesthetica Mosaic takes stunning variety into another realm.

Including some of the most striking insects, butterflies, bees, wasps, flies, dayflying moths and even the world’s only metallic mantis - into one creation it retains its architectural, crisp and approachable visage.

In no series has exquisite natural variety been more thoroughly explored.

The insect and butterfly mosaics are one of Christopher Marley's trademark creations and among the most enjoyable to execute.

Each piece is an original, created with careful attention to the flow of negative space, complimentary coloration, and the meticulous preparation and selection of each specimen.

The appendages of the beetles are tucked under the body so as not to detract in form or reaction from the striking display of nature's brilliance.

Colors are natural and as many are structural instead of pigmented, they are as durable as any color in the animal kingdom.

Museum quality, 8-ply, acid-free mats generously offset the wash of iridescence in deep, architectural, hermetically-sealed frames.

* Please note that these are natural, preserved specimens mounted on archival materials in shadow-box frames *

Product Notes

    • - We take pride in delivering our customers the most unique products. This piece is made to order, therefore it can not be returned.

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack frame
  • Origin Malaysia
  • Dimensions
    L W H
    21.5 25.5 2.5 inches
    54.61 64.77 6.35 cm

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