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Brightness option (lumens) 470 800
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The Nanoleaf Gem is the world's first decor LED bulb. Inspired by the desire to merge elegant design with sustainability, the Gem features a unique dodecahedron shape and frosted white glass finish.

The bulb emits the same gorgeous warm light as an incandescent, but uses only a fraction of the energy and lasts up to thirty times longer.

Elegance fit for any home, studio or interior design space, the Nanoleaf Gem is a greener option for those looking to make a long-lasting statement.

  • Available in two brightness options, 470 lumens and 800 lumens. The 470 lumens uses 5W (40W equivalent) and the 800 lumens uses 7W (60W equivalent).
  • Lasts for 25,000 hours (23 years), based on three hours use per day.
  • Dimmable with a regular dimmer switch.

    Details and dimensions

    • ColorGlass
    • Materials Glass
    • Origin Canada
    • Dimensions
      L W H
      3 3 4 inches
      7.62 7.62 10.16 cm

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