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Claro Walnut Knives Set - Million and Clark

Claro Walnut Knives Set

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Product Details

Combining functional excellence with handcrafted qualities, Million and Clark’s Claro Walnut Knives are designed to last a lifetime.

A collection of three knives which will help you master the kitchen, this set brings together a paring knife with a 5" and an 8" chef’s knives.

The knives start with exceptional blades forged of O1 high carbon steel that is crafted in a multi-generational family business in Thiers, France.

Expertly crafted, the blade holds an extremely sharp edge and hones easily.

Matching the fine craftsmanship of the blade is its handle which is made from domestic hardwoods that are sourced from Million and Clark’s Northern Californian locale.

Made in their own shop, each handle is carefully selected and shaped with hand tools to reveal elegant chamfers that will set this knife apart from the rest in your kitchen.

With excellent lineage for its blade and handcrafted wood for its handle, these knives will become treasured pieces of your culinary collection.

Product Notes

    • - Set of three knives: 4” pairing, 5” chef’s and 8” chef’s knives
    • - Blades made of O1 high carbon steel
    • - Handles made of Northern Californian Claro Walnut (Juglans Hindsii)
    • - Complete with grey felted wool sheath with leather closure
    • - Rinse your knife, wipe it dry after each use, and never put it in a dishwasher
    • - If it should happen to rust, use a bit of steel wool or mild detergent like Bon Ami to scrub it clean
    • - Sharp! handle with care
    • - Over time, your knife will acquire a pewter-like grey blue patina
    • - The blade is best sharpened gently with a honing rod
    • - Return Policy: This item is returnable for store credit within 14 days.

Details and dimensions

  • ColorBlack Walnut
  • Materials O1 High Carbon Steel
  • Origin United States

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Claro Walnut 5

Claro Walnut 5" Chef's Knife

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Claro Walnut Paring Knife

Claro Walnut Paring Knife

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Claro Walnut 8

Claro Walnut 8" Chef's Knife

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