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W Series | 5

W Series | 5" Cheese Knife | Teak / Brass

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The W Series reflects the transparency, openness and harmony that allow practical function to seamlessly meld with forward-thinking aesthetics.

Sharp, clear lines smoothly meld into the subtle, soft contours of the elegantly crafted German Steel knives while distinct hollow brass rivets cut through the full tang of the blade vividly emphasizing and perfectly matching knife and chef.

Suitable for slicing and picking up cheese, this knife features holes in the blade to prevent softer cheeses from sticking to the knife, and a forked point to assist with moving the cheese from a board to a side plate.

The serrated blade also makes this knife ideal for slicing tomatoes, easily penetrating the skin quickly without too much pressure damaging the flesh. The forked tip allows the user to move the sliced tomato easily.

Details and dimensions

  • ColorSilver
  • Materials Steel | Teak Wood | Brass

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