Who Wear Short Shorts?

Who Wear Short Shorts?

| September 03, 2015

For years, the answer to this question has been the topic of debate. It’s been an unspoken rule that guys’ hams need more coverage than those of the fairer sex, so short shorts on men were seen as a fashion don’t and the rebels among the menfolk who dared to bare the full length of their statuesque stems often found themselves under fire.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, man-thigh was all the rage and every kind of shorts, from casual-wear to athletic, put a good deal of merchandise on display. The ‘90s, however, brought us some horrible fashions (can you say “Grunge”?), as well as longer hemlines for him in the form of baggy cargo pants, men’s capris, and even *gasp* shorts only being “appropriate” for little boys. But what goes around comes around and short shorts for men are making a comeback in a major way! High-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss, department stores like Forever 21, and even Miami’s own OGUY (a menswear line focusing exclusively on shorts) are breaking out the big guns to ensure that your hamstrings have their day in the sun this summer.

From left: Club Monaco Linen Shorts, Louis Vuitton Runway, Ports 1961 Runway.

It should go without saying that going “commando” is probably a bad idea, as well as shorts that are too tight and risk potential wardrobe malfunctions (ahem, Mr. Kravitz), both of which may be visually unsettling and usually illegal. But the time is right to reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve put into training for the Ironman or Crossfit, and show off those manly stems! Of course, it’s imperative that your shorts not only cover your assets, but accentuate them, too, so find a cut that flatters your shape, lengthens your legs, and gives the faint of heart something to talk about! Once you’ve found the perfect pair of butt-hugging, envy-inducing man shorts, dare to be (a little more) bare and show what your mama gave ya!

*Inspired by our friend Gino R. Campodonico of The Mannequin Party


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