What Time Is It? Game Time

What Time Is It? Game Time

Get your pre-game party on
| September 11, 2015

Ahhh, it’s that time of year the 2015 NFL season has officially started. Your fantasy football draft is done and you are ready to talk dirty in the office. Sports Illustrated has predicted the Baltimore Ravens will win Super Bowl 50 and ESPN is reporting the Philadelphia Eagles, but who knows what will happen.

For many of us, game day is a religious experience; you adorn your body and your home with your preferred deity’s (team’s) colors. You get together with friends to worship, and you pray for a victory! But what about the tithe? You can’t expect to get anywhere without sacrifice, and that’s where ModernLook comes in! Your pre-game party prep has to be great enough to make everyone take notice, really get into the spirit of the game, and our Entertainer collection ensures this.

Football season has started and the fans are ready to go.

WMF’s barware brings a whole new meaning to the term “open bar”! Everything, from the Vino Basic Wine set to the Faces Three-Piece bar set will quickly turn your home into a place of free-flowing libations where everybody forgets your name! They supply everything you need to make sure that all cool drinks remain that way, all corks are expertly uncorked, and every drink is shaken, not stirred. Their elegant carafe is designed so that even your water appears to be celebrating the occasion!

Get the right barware to up your party game.

Make sure the pizza's crispy with these pans.

All the jumping and screaming for your team is bound to work up an appetite, and game day is synonymous with “stuff your face, because calories don’t matter during football season”, so pizza is definitely what the game gods ordered! If the thought of take-out or frozen pizza fails to stimulate your appetite, try out our BBQ pizza pan? This nifty little gadget is great for turning out impressive homemade pizzas, sautéing veggies, and even frying an egg, for the more adventurous among you.

Game Day, is about far more than food and drink, though: It’s about camaraderie, enjoying time with family, friends, neighbors, and the few workers you can stand to actually be around outside of the office. So, cheers to endless amounts of beer, pizza, cheering and sh*t talking on Monday. Good luck all the teams!


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