Unshelved: Release Your Books

Unshelved: Release Your Books

Book lovers should click away now: I use my books as pieces of furniture and utilize them as pedestals to hold art and collectibles. Let me tell you why...
| March 13, 2015

Book lovers should click away now because I am the first to admit I ought to be chastised for writing this blog. Full disclosure? I decided to use some of my books as pieces of furniture and utilize them as pedestals to hold art and collectibles as shown in some of these photos. Before your intellect decides to judge me, think about this. Surely you own a bookshelf to store, without end, piles of past reads that have not been touched for ages. If you look around your home, can you put together a single stack of unread books that you hope to finish reading one day? Park it next to your nightstand for that one night when sleep is not an option.

Personally speaking, I have a couple of book queues I don’t want to file away because I am waiting for that one day when I wake up with nothing to do but pick up a book and read it cover to cover. Come to think of it, thar sounds lovely. But for now these books stand attentive next to our guest bed offering them both a chance to read and to hold their glass of water. I’m not alone when I say I have a load of coffee table books that are desperately waiting to be enjoyed with a pot of freshly made coffee. Except I am still waiting for that lazy day with ample free time to arrive and my reading queue gets longer with every gift-receiving occasion.

Last Christmas, I was given 12 gorgeously designed covers and this gift made me wonder. How and where should they be displayed so they are not collecting dust? I kept them on my nightstand to stare at me night and day, reminding me they are here waiting for a creative project. I woke up one morning and decided these books are too good to be shelved and forgotten. I picked up my good ol’ reliable MacBook (not a Gold MacBook yet) and started typing and editing photos of this mission.

If you decide to tackle such a project, have a look at your books and where they stand, literally. If they don’t make you proud every time you pass by them, see what can you do to change that. My advice: divide them into piles and distribute these piles throughout the house and place at an arm’s reach. Let your family have easy access to them whenever and wherever. When they are not in use, let guests utilize them as their side table or even a stool.

So friends and family, now that you see what I did with what you bequeathed to me, please consider the new MacBook Gold as your next gift. I promise it won’t become my next footstool. And to my lovely readers, the next time you see a coffee mug with slogan “Too many books, too little time,” let it inspire you.


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