Dive In: The Story Behind Miansai

Dive In: The Story Behind Miansai

How Miansai anchored a brand with a Men's bracelet?
| June 19, 2015

The nautical life is one that most Floridians are very accustomed to. Growing up on a peninsula means growing very used to the sun on your shoulders and salt-scented wind in your hair. Miansai, a Miami-based accessory company, started with just one handcrafted bracelet and quickly blossomed into a brand that was synonymous with nautical accessorization. We caught up with Miansai’s ingenious founder and creative director, Michael Saiger, to dive in and learn more..

ModernLook: Accessories have always been synonymous to women’s fashion, but now men don’t leave home without at least one statement piece.Why does the everyday man need to have the bags or accessories?

Michael: Men today have stuff to carry, whether its gym clothes, work files, their phone or laptop.

ModernLook: Nowadays being unique is the norm and we notice you kids offer custom designs. Can you recall any standout pieces made for a client?

Michael: To be honest, each and every one of our pieces is custom designed. From sketching to creating molds, melting metals to final assembly, each and every piece of Miansai jewelry is conceptualized in-house. So it's all unique.

ModernLook: Ah, you’re going to keep your one-of-a-kind masterpieces between you and the buyer… We’ll pout, but won’t twist your arm! But we’re curious: Where does the company name come from; what does it mean?

Michael: Miansai is composed of my name - MIchael ANdrew SAIgerModernLook: And here we thought it was a lost Asian city! Love it! So how did it all start?

Michael: I started in my dorm room University of Miami studying marketing. My girlfriend was making jewelry, and I picked up some of her supplies and started fooling around. At the time, there wasn't much jewelry for guys that was cool and accessible and masculine. I thought I could do it better. I took a bullet, pulled it apart, emptied out the gunpowder, drilled it, and put it on a piece of leather to make a bracelet. It was very simple. At the time, no one did anything with bullets. I don't like that kind of stuff now, but back then it was different. I took it to retailers and everything would sell out.

ModernLook: Of course everything sold out! You can see WE are obviously obsessed. So, how did you get into making bags as accessories?

Michael: It’s definitely been a natural evolution. For the brand we’ve always offered other things like candles, soaps, small leather goods so bags just felt like a natural evolution in the accessories category. We are known for our jewelry but I really feel like we’ve expanded beyond that now to truly be a lifestyle accessories company.

ModernLook: Tell us a few things that make Miansai unique.

Michael: We are the innovators of mens accessories - I wanted to make it accessible for men to wear jewelry, which is also why so much of what we do is rooted in industrial design and nautical inspiration. I wanted everything to be utilitarian and designed with high quality materials like maritime rope, brass, silver and gold made with an accessible price range so a wide range of people can wear Miansai.

Now that we’ve gotten some fashionable sea legs from the ingenious mind behind Miansai’s nautical accessories, web surf over to their site and take a plunge into the deep sea of incredible fashion!


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raed.miami 3 years 7 months ago

Nice collection. I was inspired and got their black cuff! Thanks Modern Look.


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