It's OK to Have More Than One

It's OK to Have More Than One

The Collected Series: Embracing Your Loves.
| July 15, 2015

Life’s far too diverse to be weighed down with labels, but compartmentalization is a great way to streamline both your life, and your interests. At ModernLook, we are completely devoted to making your life both more beautiful, and more efficient, so we’ve taken the liberty of putting together The Collected Series, your one-stop shop to procure whatever moves you.

The Technophile organizes the inner gadget-junkie in you, and features a variety of gadgets and accessories for both home and office, ensuring that you stay on top of and ahead of any trends. Everything from the Zeiss Virtual Reality headset to the Ztylus SmartPhone Camera Lens is featured, and guaranteed to bring some coolness to your function.

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Speaking of trends, The Trendsetter is perfect for those who believe in always making a great first impression. Bold fashion is always a head-turner, and the Trendsetter collection will make sure that heads are turning towards you for all of the right reasons. From the Baffi handcrafted, wooden pocket squares to the Bradley Compass graphite watches, you’ll find everything you need to take a tailored suit to the next level, effortlessly.

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The Entertainer knows that being a great host isn’t just a matter of bragging rights, but making your guests feel like they’re on a getaway when they’re in your home. Just as you cater to them, this collection will cater to you, and all that you need to make sure that their food and drinks are something to write home about. Everything from the water carafe to assuage their thirst upon arrival, to the Million and Clark’s chef’s knives you’ll use to prepare their dinner, to the array of drink-mixing kits, necessary for any adult gathering, right down the accent coffee pot, so you can make them a few cups to sober up after your successful gala, ModernLook has everything you need to throw the party of the year!

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The Explorer Collection honors your need to spread your wings and offers the best travel bags, backpacks, and bicycles your nomadic heart could ever desire! If your goal isn’t necessarily travel, but to explore your physical limits or build on hobbies, there’s also an amazing summer cooler and racket bag to help you work up a sweat, as well the Minich Pen Tool, a multi-purpose mini-tool to help you get ahead of all those summer projects.

The Explorer Collection

For those with limitless imagination, who want their home to reflect their whimsy, The Creative has gorgeous and impressive, yet sleek, decor that allows your home to speak for you. Modern twists to the original wooden clock, woven counter stools, and marble centerpieces make an appearance in this collection, to make your home as unique and elegant as your mind.

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