What is a technophile?

What is a technophile?

iPhone accessories lover, gadget hoarder?
| June 22, 2015

Living in the technological age means being constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest tech gadgets, all with the promise of making your life a bit easier. Unfortunately, most of these gadgets serve to bring clutter to your life. The good news is that the cone speaker from Aether lives up to the hype. This speaker is as intelligent as a “smart” gadget can be. The speaker combines amazing audio quality with Nuance’s voice-recognition, ability to sync with your smartphone and other cone speakers, support of both AirPlay and Bluetooth, mood-setting capabilities, and so much more to simplify your life. The cone comes in two classic finishes to blend in with the decor, helping to make every day moments even more special.

Form is as important as function, and Bastron has taken form to a brand-new frontier with their glass transparent touch smart keyboards and touch pads. No one has ever needed a glass keyboard, but Bastron caters to the technophile whose mind is always on style, and offers glass touch calculators to make even math stylish. Their signature glass keyboards have an aluminum frame and an ultra-thin 5.2mm thickness and, as with all Bastron products, even comes beautifully packaged. The company’s youthful team that wants Bastron products to reflect what they are: modern, innovative, and creative. Their items are so great to look at that the superb quality is really just a cherry on top!

Social media is the most interactive of technology and MadWhips, the photography-based social media site, pays homage to what’s arguably the greatest technological achievement of the 20th century: the automobile. Established in 2007 and averaging 25,000 new followers weekly, MadWhips seamlessly blends social media, cars, photography and now modern technology, in the form of MadWhips’ cell phone cases, created to make your phone as stylish, functional, and camera-ready as your favorite car. The phone cases, as well as MadWhips’ money clip, are carbon fiber, to bring both style and strength to protect the next most valuable assets in a modern world: your phone and your money. The cases are made of the lightest and thinnest carbon, so as not to disturb phone signal, and have a high gloss finish, just like your car after a wax!

The future is here; bask in it and make your life a bit simpler, flashier, classier, or just a bit more modern! Step into ModernLook for more.


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