Swirl, Shake and Sip.

Swirl, Shake and Sip.

A How to Guide for Creating an In Home Bar.
| August 21, 2015

Every home bar requires two major ingredients: alcohol and mixers (though a bit of swag can go a long way too). Start with your four basic liquors: gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey. For whiskey, we recommend three different kinds: bourbon (for the perfect Manhattan), rye whiskey (for a nostalgic Sazerac), and a good scotch for sipping with cigars or friendly banter.

Start with the basics and tailor it to your likes. You'll have a fully stocked bar in no time.

Two essential mixers are dry and sweet vermouth - the first for a classic Martini, the second for a Manhattan or a trendy Negroni. Simple syrup is another mixer to always have in stock, though triple sec can also fulfill your sweet-drink needs (and it has the added benefit of increasing the alcohol content in your cocktail). For the tarter side of life, we recommend orange aperitifs like Campari or Aperol. Other favorites are St. Germain (an elderflower liqueur) and a range of bitters, including Angostura original bitters, or more creative flavors like Hella Bitters Trio set.

What about equipment and accouterment? Add a cocktail shaker, a muddler (for your Mojitos or Caipirinhas), Umbra brass bottle opener and a long bar spoon to impress your guests with stirred drinks.

These easy to find pieces will make your bar stand out and your drinks memorable.

Now that you’re ready to serve, don’t ruin the drink by using the wrong glass. Remember, red solo cups are not ok when you are drinking a martini. Each glass has a particular shape that helps enhance the flavor of the drink. For example, the red wine glass is larger and wider than white; that difference is because red wine needs to come in contact with oxygen to develop its intended rich flavor while white wine should avoid extra air contact.

You’ll also want to have plenty of ice in the freezer at all times so you’re prepared for impromptu imbibing. But don’t be surprised when your posse keeps ringing your doorbell at happy hour; it’s a price worth paying for knowing the difference between an olive and a lemon peel.

Now that you have a bar you need to become a bartender an impress your buddies. Our Co-Founder, Raed recently took a trip to Spain’s Costa Brava where he was introduced to a Saffron Gin & Tonic. Yes, this is for real and it's as good as it sounds. So we got you the recipe:

Try a new twist on a classic.


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