Style for the Modern Man

Style for the Modern Man

Men’s fashion is and forever will be timeless.
| June 17, 2015

Men have it easy. Men’s fashion is and forever will be timeless. Clean lines, a tailored fit, and smart, leather dress shoes will always be in style. But that doesn’t mean that your uncle’s penny loafers or the powder blue suit from your prom are going to make a comeback. Men’s fashion, like all fashion, depends on being able to tweak a classic look and give a fresh, modern twist, suitable for the modern man. Keeping up with evolving fashion trends is so much more than ditching your tie-dye t-shirts. A man who’s well-put together knows that it’s so much more than what you wear, but also how you wear it, and that men must also learn the art of accessorizing.

Gone are the days of the annoying, cloth pocket square that posed as a distraction to others and made you appear disheveled. Put away the extra strength starch and ironing board and get yourself a wooden pocket square! The Baffi Collection puts vivid, eye-catching patterns on foraged material from the woods to create a durable, beautiful, and far less cumbersome alternative to a necessary accessory.

Another cornerstone of men’s fashion has always been a great watch. A watch is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, and the Eone, the grassroots-forged company , makes watches that are accessible to everyone. Not only are the watches bold, yet understated, they provide a beautiful and functional timepiece to the sighted and vision-impaired alike. ModernLook offers a variety of items from these collections and many more to put the finishing touches on your suits and tuxes, because fashion only works if you work it.


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