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Studio Visit: Britto Charette

Studio Visit: Britto Charette

ModernLook pays a visit to Britto Charette's studio to find out first hand their design philosophy and inspirations for their new line of accessories and, soon, furniture.
| March 04, 2015

What’s a Wasi?

Thats what we were wondering, but Jay Britto and David Charette promised we would better understand once we finished our conversation. Like Modernlook, their studio, Britto Charette, was conceptualized in the heart of Miami’s art and design district. Since they are our neighbors, we visited their studio to find out first hand their design philosophy and inspirations for their new line of accessories and, soon, furniture.

Britto Charette's studio, located in the heart of Miami's art and design district, is filled with unique porcelain vessels handmade in Peru.

The Britto Charette team has embraced Miami’s unique and creative spirit in the design of porcelains they call Wasi. Inspired by cinema, technology, and the sacred objects and animals of the pre-Columbian era, the duo imagined bold silhouettes that would refuse to be ignored. The collection was envisioned as artifacts of contemporary civilization for future generations.

As interior designers, both men have first-hand knowledge of the waste often found in our industry. Trends may be sparkly and wonderful for a season, maybe two, and then they are discarded. They design products that go beyond the latest trends and offer customers the opportunity to purchase an heirloom—a quality piece of modernity that will be treasured.

The result? Sleek, organic porcelains that are imbued with personality.

Sinuous shapes are accented by metallic hues.

Wasi porcelains are handcrafted in Peru by skilled artisans and then fired with a special technique that produces a hypnotic sheen. Britto Charette is proud to say that a manufacturer in Peru, who is dedicated to helping indigenous artisans earn a middle-class income, handcrafts all the pieces in the series.

You can find these modern day heirlooms on ModernLook this spring.


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Sofia Ruzo 2 years 6 months ago

It looks like Huari pottery, but modernized! Love that proceeds benefit the indigenous artisans in Peru, as it gives them incentive to keep the traditions of their ancestors alive! Can't wait for these to hit the ModernLook online store!!


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