Shopping Is the New Black​

Shopping Is the New Black​

Must Have Items on ModernLook
| November 28, 2015

The only thing better than stuffing your face, guilt-free (your body doesn’t absorb calories on the holidays, because science) on Thanksgiving is the anticipation of buying deeply discounted goodies on Black Friday! For some reason, the average person who has to drag themselves out of bed at 7 AM most mornings practically leaps out of the covers at 3 AM to stand in line for Black Friday sales, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed long before sunrise! But for those of us who’d rather avoid the stampede, anxiety, and noise of your typical Black Friday shopping excursion, ModernLook has got it covered! Here are some of the must-have items in our Black Friday sale that was just EXTENDED!

ModernLook has all you need for your next party.

For The Raver

For the person who’s always in the mood to party hard, we have everything you need to make your next bash an affair to remember! Make sure that the food is on deck with our hamburger press and pizza maker, have yourbottle opener ready, and have the drinks on tap! But first things first, before you can play hard, you have to work hard...

Make your work life simpler.

For The Worker

Keep your work organized with our snazzy USB drive, your calls clear with the retro-inspired Pop phone, and your keys organized to make your morning commute a little bit easier. And speaking of making mornings easier...

Get the modern look.

For The Old-School

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so ensure the closest possible shave with Blackbird’s Aftershave, baby-soft skin with the shaving oil, and a luxurious silky, well-manicured beard with the beard oil. Besides that, just adjust your pocket square and just make sure that you show up on time to wherever you’re going!

We've also got the gear to keep your gear protected.

For The New School

If it’s not the office calling, and you’re just running to catch up with old friends, make sure you’ve got your wallet ready, and protect your phone with a new case, or prepare it to take group photos of all your besties! Of course, if you’d rather just quietly enjoy all of the comforts of home...

Get your house ready for winter hibernation.

For Anyone Too Cool For School

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on home goods and furnishings! Everything from clocks, wall sculptures, as well as the rest of our sale items to gift to friends and family are available with deep discounts!

The more you spend, the more you save! Here at ModernLook, we believe that more is more, which is why we’ll give you 10% off of $50 purchases, 15% off $100, 20% of $200, and %25 off $500+ on top of our awesome Black Friday sale there is free shipping on all orders! Look no further for that perfect present! Best part you never had to leave the house.


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