Shelter in the District

Shelter in the District

Part one in our ongoing series uncovering the architectural renaissance taking place in Miami's Design District's looks at Fly's Eye, a replica of an innovative geodesic dome structure by the neo-futurist architect Buckminster Fuller.
| February 26, 2015

Even if you’ve never been to Disney World, when someone refers to “Spaceship Earth” or “the golf ball” at Epcot, chances are you know what they’re talking about. This iconic geodesic sphere is based on structural mathematic developed by the neo-futurist architect Buckminster Fuller, a renowned 20th century inventor and visionary.

If you’ve been in Miami, you may have even come across some other examples of Buckminster Fuller’s work. While the Perez Art Museum Miami temporarily boasts the original 35-year old prototype, an identical replica of “Fly’s Eye” has permanently taken center stage at Palm Court in Miami’s Design District.

Fly's Eye acts as shelter to the circular staircase that connects the various levels of the court together.

As you walk up the steps, the dome's many portals frame Sou Fujimoto's blue glass façade, highlighting the lightness of that building.

There is something to be said about the concepts that the Dome represents. It’s a symbol that represents the future, not because of its futuristic aesthetic, but because it was intended to serve as a “high-performance shelter,” a product of Fuller’s lifelong quest to create architecture that could help solve housing needs and energy crises, taking note of our planet’s diminishing resources.

The Design District has had a knack for looking ahead, maintaining a vision that many have doubted and criticized along the way. As the dust settles on numerous recent construction sites, something extraordinary is starting to emerge. After decades of being defined by a few quiet art galleries and furniture shops, a new wave of design has directed the world’s eyes to this sophisticated neighborhood. Suddenly there is an opportunity, perhaps even a responsibility, to use this new platform to make good design - real design - accessible to everyone.

The structure is at home in the newly planned Palm Court.

The open nature of Palm Court and its multiple pedestrian entry points starts to explore this idea. It lures the city to experience both its charming plaza surrounded by luxury in tandem with pieces like Fuller’s that leave you with a lasting impression, giving you more to take home than you came with.

It’s no surprise that we at ModernLook have decided to make this neighborhood our home. It’s essential for us to continue to push ourselves to be at the forefront of design and in turn bring it your way. We pride ourselves on being a destination for our members to find unique pieces they never knew existed.

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