Riding Around in My Automobile ♪♫

Riding Around in My Automobile ♪♫

| July 09, 2015
  • Date: July 09, 2015
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Car enthusiasts are a special breed. Unlike most hobbies - that one learns of and grows into at varying ages - most car lovers have identified as such since before they could speak full sentences! That love of a new paint job, shiny rims, and a lush interior often grows from a fascination with painted toy cars and faux chrome. But we’ve all gotta grow up at some point, and the way that we express our passions should evolve with us. ModernLook has a few accessories to ensure that your love of automobiles continues to grow with you.

Orbitkey solves the issue of the functional, but certainly not fashionable, key ring. The purring of your engine shouldn’t be drowned out by the jingling of your keys! The Melbourne-based start-up has revamped the traditional key ring to resemble our ideal companion: pleasing to the eye, and silent. You can use the handy little gadget to sort your keys by preference, have essential tools handy, and utilize the award-winning locking mechanism to ensure no loose screws, or lost keys, ever.

MadWhips, the social network where car lovers can share pictures of their automotive obsessions, has gorgeous, carbon-fiber cell phone cases, to ensure that your phone is as sleek, sexy, and camera-ready as your car is. The perfect finish is available in carbon to be durable, but is still light-weight and won’t interrupt the signal when you’re discussing your new ride with your best friends.

Speaking of photos, Unrivaled takes car pics, and interior decorating, to the next level with stunning, glossy posters of iconic Japanese and European luxury vehicles, to decorate your space and reflect your impeccable taste! The contemporary, minimalist prints aren’t the posters of your teen years, but a mature reflection of your passion for cars that won’t clash with your current decor.

For the major ballers with a need for speed, and punctuality, Breitling pays homage to Bentley with the GT3-R watch. The slightly used vintage timepiece is a slice of automotive history, and features a sporty look, carbon fiber dial, and the sort of high-performance we’ve come to associate with both Breitling and Bentley. Like the best cars ever made, the GT3-R watch is a limited edition, with only 300 ever made… Instead of copping a pair of those Yeezy 750 Boosts, your coin is better spent snagging one of these instant classics.


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