Oh Anthonio!

Oh Anthonio!

| August 13, 2015

At ModernLook we are all about helping you discover the uncommon, but that does not start and end with just new designs. We want to give you the insider look on the trailblazers and tastemakers of the world. And, since the web is a big, wide-open space, we’re picking our must-follow bloggers and sharing them with you. We checked in with Anthony Urbano and found out how he went from a structural engineering career to a well known fashion blogger. He gave us the scoop on his path to becoming a trendsetter (even though he doesn't think he is, but we do and so does GQ magazine).

ModernLook: Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What do you like to do?

Anthony: I'm a central NJ native, but I currently live in the East Village in Manhattan. I'm a blogger by day and bar crawler by night. When I'm not singing along to my favorite hip-hop artists, you can usually catch me quoting any franchise of Real Housewives, or any Bravo reality show to be honest.

ML: Haha! That’s awesome. Living in NYC you must love pizza, what‘s your favorite type?

Anthony: My favorite type of pizza is pizzeria style thin crust with extra cheese.

ML: Mmmm! That sounds delicious. Give us one random fact about yourself.

Anthony: I was the free throw shooting champion of my school district in 8th grade.

ML: How did you get into blogging? Do you do anything else outside of blogging?

Anthony: I started my blog in September of 2011 on Tumblr so I could have a public space to share my daily outfits with a small group of friends. Without any intentions of it becoming the business it is today, it unexpectedly gained some popularity after about a year and now it's become my full time job. Before that, I was a full-time structural engineer designing buildings in New York City. It was a leap of faith but I'm enjoying the ride so far.

ML: That’s cool how you took a leap of faith to change your career direction. You have come a long way being featured in Men’s fashion magazine’s like GQ and Details. Would you consider yourself a trendsetter?

Anthony: I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a trendsetter, but more of an early adopter. I know what I like and what I think looks good on me, so I'm not afraid to test and experiment with new trends before they become mainstream.

ML: What inspires your fashion and design aesthetic?

Anthony: With a background in structural design, I've always been drawn to the clean lines and patterns in modern architecture. A lot of my aesthetic is naturally inspired by that.

ML: Ok, because we have you here we have to ask for our readers, how do they up their fashion game? Any standard pieces we have to keep in our closet?

Anthony: I've been obsessed with suede outerwear lately. This fall I think every guy should pick up a new piece like a suede bomber or biker jacket. Other than that, my staples would have to be a nice suit, a leather jacket, and fresh white sneakers.

ML: What's your favorite piece on ModernLook right now?

Anthony: The Hugo Bike by Mozie Bicycles

It was an absolute pleasure to have had a chat with Anthony. We can not wait to keep an eye out on his new fashion finds. Start following him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and read his blog at Oh Anthonio!


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