We may not love our shelves in real life, but we sure like to talk about them. We want to buy things that are top shelf, even when they are off the shelf. And an important safety tip: never say the words “shelf life” to a diva. Never.
| May 07, 2015

Hearing the word “shelf” has the power to send us on missions to splurge, purge or get stitches. So why do most of us have shelves so ugly that we have to hide them behind closed doors. We’re going to have to dust them no matter what they look like, so why not have shelves that we love?

Some of us are true artists. Some of us create art that only a mother could love. Some of us can’t even do that. If you’re in the second or third group, why not try showcasing your work with a 500 year old wooden capital paired with a modern Parentesi light by Achille Castiglioni? As for those of you in the first group…We have nothing to say to you. Go on, move along. Nothing to see here.

Around the office, we refer to the Droog Design rubber bands as the “stick it & sling it.” While that phrase sounds like a messy Saturday night on Miami Beach, it actually describes this product’s function. Sheesh people – get your minds out of the gutters! These industrial strength bands are cool looking, and a snap to install. See what we did there?

Do you charge your phone or is it taking charge of you in your own home? Regardless of who's in control here, you can still maintain order of all those tangles and messy cords. Thanks to Konstantin Slawinski's Charge-Box (currently on sale, click here to buy), you can hide those pesky menaces just as easily as you sweep dirt under your rug. Make all those cords disappear while your devices appear to be resting in shavasana.

Proving that size isn’t everything, American Pharaoh won a place in our hearts during the Kentucky Derby. Just like Derby winner, this little stallion’s power and grace deserve to be put on display. An oversized Home Depot shelf bracket is just the right size to show off our miniature stud and keep him balanced.

When you were a kid, did you heckle magicians? Were you banned from birthday party magic shows? If so, then the Ikea Lack shelf does a special kind of magic that you are going to enjoy.Hang it with the hidden mounting hardware, drop something interesting on top, and ta-dah! Your guests won’t see it; they’ll only see what’s on it. Of course you can still see the shelf. But you also saw every coin, card and scarf when nobody else did, so why should this magic be any different?

Reality Hand Hooks by Areaware can do almost anything a pair of real hands can do—- except cover your ears when guests start spouting bad “hand” jokes. Our suggestion: Create a Bingo card with spots for quips like “need a hand?” and “that’s handy.” When a guest hits Bingo, they need to leave. If you choose to pre-fill squares for extra special guests like your in-laws, we won’t tell.

Discrete. Useful. Unobtrusive. Vitra's Corniche shelf by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is the perfect washroom attendant: Large enough to support a phalanx of scent warriors that can defeat an army of odors, but small enough so it won’t offend even the daintiest of sensibilities. Plus, you don’t have to leave a tip.


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