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Marco. POLO. Marco. POLO.

Find the adventurer in you.
| July 22, 2015

Having an interior design background, we have a thirst for newness and adventure to expand our imagination. Here at ModernLook, we’re all about hunting for innovative products and cutting-edge designs, which is why we love the Velox watches. These bold digital and metal face watches are a statement piece where ever you travel to.

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Nothing is as appealing as a vacation when the status quo is no longer inspirational. Unfortunately, dealing with packing and luggage can be incredibly stressful, which is why The Shrine Brand provides luggage of the highest quality, in both style and construction. Their travel duffle bag has a separate compartment for your sneakers, a mesh pocket for chargers and cables, and even a watch pocket!, because your getaway is all about getting away from stress and anxiety, not causing more of it.

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Sometimes, innovation and exploring requires that you go back in time and refurbish that which has worked well in the past. That’s where the Steakstones comes in. The company uses only the highest-quality lava stones in their products, which all feature a lifetime guarantee, to take meat grilling back to its more primitive days, all from the convenience of your own home. Besides the Sizzling Steak Set, the company also has SafeHands oven gloves, and steak knives to help you prepare that perfect steak, and even a Pizza Stone, for night’s when ordering out just isn’t that appealing.

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So whether you need a new twist on an old essential, a vintage take on a current stand-by, or a more functional way of dealing with a necessary evil, we have it all!


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