Labor Me This

Labor Me This

| September 04, 2015

If you’re anything like us, we are très sad the summer is coming to a close; no more day-drinking rosè on our BFF’s boat, no sitting at a cafe on Lincoln Rd on Miami Beach commenting on the pata sucias doing their walk of shame… But ah, there is Labor Day, the final hurrah! Our nightcap, if you will. It’s more than appropriate that a holiday celebrating the American labor movement would fall on a weekday, giving everyone an extra day off to celebrate with family and friends, and what better way to celebrate than with food and drinks? Emphasis on the drinks!

Fire up the grill and chill the cocktails in preparation for some end-of-summer laughs with loved ones; well we all know your friends are the family that you choose, so yes, with your loved ones. Make sure the meat and the liquor are ready for consumption as you sit around swapping stories and enjoying the much deserved holiday, following the two-day weekend won for American workers so long ago.

Get the party started with the CYOB (Craft Your Own Bitters) Kit and the BBQ Hamburger Press.

Break out the recipe book, and our BBQ Hamburger Press, and give your guests something to talk about around the water cooler on Tuesday! The stories will flow freely with the brass bottle opener on hand to keep the liquor flowing freely; along with our CYOB (Craft Your Own Bitters) Kit, there won’t be any thirst left unquenched.

ith several insulated compartments for storing for and drink, you’ll be taking this bag with you to the beach, to your nearest ping pong tournament or both in the same day!

Or maybe the standard neighborhood barbecue isn’t your bag. A picnic lunch and a bathing suit is definitely a recipe for fun, and when you add some friends and make a bonfire, it sounds like a party! If sand in your groin is a growing concern, then pack up our Summer Cooler and Racket Bag and bring your booze and your A-game to a tennis court near you! Feel the wind through you hair on our Marc bike as you zip around town, catching some sun and boosting your stamina for the postponed workweek ahead.

Get the photo with Ztylus' range of iPhone accessories and keep your shoes in style when you travel with The Shrine's Sneaker Duffle.

Of course, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the sun or lather up in SPF 50, and continue the popular trend of spending your Labor Day shopping and catching a movie with a few friends. A department store clearance sale and an action-packed thriller may be exactly what the doctor ordered! Afterwards, a few drinks and a dinner cooked by someone else will help you unwind and savor the end of the perfect three-day weekend, all without any pre-party errands or after-party clean-up! Use our Ztylus tool, which gives you iPhone 6 full protection and optimal viewing of all the videos and photos you’ll take on your fun day (or night) out.

If you’re a nomadic spirit, then call up your long-distance friends, pack up our Sneaker Duffel and spend your weekend in new surroundings with old acquaintances. Be sure to bring the Jump Charging Cable and keep your phone fully charged for new adventures. Labor Day is all about not overworking the American laborer, so this weekend, it’s your patriotic duty to kick your feet up, throw your head back in laughter, and remind yourself that life is so much more than your 9-5; there is a wonderful, exciting world out here just waiting for your participation. Enjoy, kiddies!


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