It Makes Perfect Sense

It Makes Perfect Sense

Design for sight, smell, touch, taste and sound
| August 06, 2015

A beautifully furnished home is a sensual feast, subtly commanding the attention and admiration of all five senses, and imprinting on the minds. Here at ModernLook, we have accessories that’s not just functional, but also gives your senses something to celebrate! There’s only one chance to make a first impression, and when it comes to home decor, The Creative collection has an array of stunning art; pieces like the Black Sea Fan and Aesthetica Mosaic are guaranteed to be both eye-catching and ice-breaking.

The Porsche prints practically leap off of the page, giving vivid detail to a far less luxurious side of the luxury vehicle.

These tasteful tableaus will be on your tongue for quite some time. For those who need to touch their art as well as see it, The Creative collection’s Kinsa, Piku, Koravase, and Kawa vases offer both amazing look and feel to house your favorite flowers. And when it comes to 3-dimensional art, nothing can surpass the Wall Play sets. Gold Leaf, Barnacle, and Pivot (among others) offer stunning, yet not so cumbersome conversation pieces which are sure to dazzle the eyes and captivate the mind.

Nobody likes a wallflower, right? Scent is the closest sense tied to memory, and in close quarters, you want the memory of your scent to be a very fond one. Blackbird offers signature colognes, beard oils, shaving oils, and aftershave to ensure that you are an unforgettable as your home.

All that’s missing is taste and sound. The Entertainer collection features Molecular R-Evolution drink kits to awaken your taste buds. The lush sounds to be heard from The Technophile collection’s Cone speaker are a match made in heaven. Strong drinks and soft music are a pair that won’t be splitting up any time soon, and with the help of our handpicked products your home will be the place that you, and everyone else, never want to leave.


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