Halloween Boogie Nights

Halloween Boogie Nights

A Halloween party to remember
| October 30, 2015

Halloween is arguably one of the most popular holidays in the U.S., a holiday filled with madness, mayhem, and magic. And, if you’re lucky, the best time of the year to shake your tail feather. Long gone are the days of dressing up as a princess or pirate and getting obscene amounts of candy to satisfy pre-teen sugar addictions. As we get older, our traditions must evolve, and an adult Halloween is all about dressing up your home and making it a night to remember with an unforgettable Halloween bash! *If you plan to dress up as a slutty nurse, this post is not for you...

Decorate inside and out.

First and foremost, a great Halloween party needs great decorations. The traditional black, white, and orange color scheme has endless possibilities, especially when wall designs such as floating ghosts, spiders, and cobwebs are incorporated. Color combinations like black, white, and red, dark purple and bright pink, or simply all black are definitely gaining more traction as well. Rule number one: like my milkshake, a decorated house brings all the guests to the yard.

Once the decor is on point, the next concern should be the soundtrack. A Halloween party isn’t a sit-down dinner; muted elevator Muzak, smooth jazz, or Michael Bolton simply won’t do. This is not tea-time at Granny’s, either; no one came to talk, so having no music isn’t even an option. Break out your “Dance All Night” playlists to keep the guests, and the adrenaline pumping, with the latest contemporary pop, rock, and hip-hop. Rule number two: A quiet party is a dead party.

Get your guests ready to party with great food that fits the theme.

A great Halloween party must be laid out with great food. Themed food, like hot dog mummies, gummie worms, and ghost-decorated sugar cookies, were great when we were children, and they’re invited to the party! Halloween is the one day of the year when most adults can release their inner child, where dressing up is expected and we believe in magic (like calories don’t count) just one more time, so don’t be too serious! Rule number three: Some traditions shouldn’t be changed.

This last rule is optional, but if you want to celebrate Halloween and pay homage to your favorite time-period or work of fiction, a themed party is where it’s at! A Marvel or DC comics, Acme Cartoons, Lord of the Rings, or Hunger Games-themed party could become the talk of the town, or at least the break room, for the rest of the year! And don’t underestimate the appeal of a good ole masquerade ball, either. Halloween parties are great for reconnecting with old friends in the spirit of fun and nihilism, and bringing new ones out of their shells, so let loose and have fun! Rule number four: Let your imagination run wild- it’s mandatory!


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