For The Love Of Coffee

For The Love Of Coffee

Celebrate National Coffee Day
| September 29, 2015

We all want the same things out of a relationship: comfort, warmth, an energetic exchange, someone stimulating and supportive with passionate heat, and good taste. Fortunately, many of us do have this perfect relationship - with coffee! That first hot sip is no casual fling; the soothing warmth in your belly helps to get you out the door, and gives you the strength to finish the day strong. And the best part is it doesn’t talk back and will always do you right.

This Cowboy Coffee Kettle is based on traditional open range fire brewing. Bring water to a boil, add ground coffee and let it steep. Pour slowly and enjoy. Available here

Keep your coffee warm in Gustav Hallen’s Accent Coffee pot. With rubberized handles providing a solid, comfortable grip and an ergonomic, easy to open lid, the jug has been thought through to provide maximum functionality in an attractive package. Available here

For many people, coffee isn’t just fuel in the engine, it’s liquid joy. And for National Coffee Day, we here at ModernLook plan to help you pay homage to the liquid god worshipped at every office staff meeting and college library. Ever since its discovery in the 6th century by an Ethiopian goat-herder, the coffee plant has been beloved by many, especially those who work or study long hours. Confucius once said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” How apt that National Coffee Day is also Confucius day, since this is the beverage that keeps so many running.

Whether you need your life partner of caffeine to be a slow and steady decaf to keep you warm on cold mornings, a mild roast with rousing flavor to make waking up worth the effort, a strong brew to help you skillfully step into those business meetings, or an intense espresso that helps you see the world with new eyes each and every day, there’s a perfect coffee out there for you. So shop around, sample all that there is to offer, play the field, and find “The One.” Of course, if you’re polyamorous and decide to satisfy yourself with a few different flavors, we won’t judge you. We promise! Happy National Coffee Day!


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