Fire Up the Engines and Camera Lights for Monaco's Grand Prix

Fire Up the Engines and Camera Lights for Monaco's Grand Prix

The Grand Prix isn't just about fast cars, it also is about the glitz and glamour.
| May 26, 2015

Fast cars, high speeds, and a roaring audience isn't just for NASCAR. Contrary to popular belief, stock car racing isn't the only vehicular sport that gets the crowd going. Formula 1, the gentleman's answer to car racing, gives us a posh, Bond-worthy alternative to whizzing along a track. No hot dogs and cut-offs here; Formula One racing is an event exclusive to gowns and tailored tuxedos.

Coming from the humble beginnings of France’s first Grand Prix in 1906, Formula 1 quickly became one of the most popular sports in the world, blending technological advancement, potentially dangerous speeds, opulent style together in perfect, adrenaline-pumping, designer-clad excitement. There are many rules that make up the formula for racing that F1 driver must adhere to, but impeccable style is the only rule spectators have to live by!

F1 cars are gas-guzzlers, due to large engines more than 4 times the size of the cars themselves, but these performance vehicles are designed to be the very best racing vehicles on the planet, and you can’t put a price on performance! The beauty of this formula lies is in the fact that all cars are identical in quality, leaving the winner to be determined by skill alone. Unlike the rules of fashion, the rules for F1 racing are set in stone. Formula 1 racing is an experience where sportsmanship meets style, featuring cars as aerodynamically perfect as possible. No stock cars will be found at Formula 1 events; this F1 is definitely not a Ford! F1 racing cars are luxury vehicles and both the winner and loser of Formula 1 de Grand Prix Monaco 2015 were sponsored by Mercedes.

Only the very latest and greatest in modern engineering appeared on the track during 78-lap race, which also saw such big-name sponsors as Ferrari, McLaren, and Lotus; there’s no point in getting all dressed up if there won’t be any name-dropping! F1 racing events often have celebrity spectators, allowing fans to rub elbows and name-drop on a personal level. With periodic stops to refuel, there’s always plenty of time for the captivated audience to avert their gazes long enough to take in the decadence of the haute couture adorning their fellow spectators. Whether spectators came to hobnob with the elite, or some scandalous combination of both, the Formula 1 races at Monaco certainly lived up to the sport’s esteemed reputation.


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