Eye-Opener: Early Morning Travel

Eye-Opener: Early Morning Travel

How does one stay alert but cool before six am at an airport desk?
| January 19, 2015
  • Date: January 19, 2015
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How does one stay alert but cool before six am at an airport desk? High? Drunk? Caffeinated? Maybe they use a combination of the three? Whatever helps them feel… more plastic.

Waking up before six in the morning in Miami is a lot like staying up past nine at night in a rural town: a deserted wasteland. Oh his city sleeps, but only in the morning. A bus, a car, a delivery truck, it's hard to believe I'm passing painlessly through major arterial highways, usually clogged with vehicles at any other time of day or night. The construction sites are dark and quiet, as are all the coffee shops I brush by. Only a handful of gas stations light the streets.

Arriving at the airport in ten minutes flat, more evidence the world hasn't ended yet can be seen. First shift at the airline check-in desks.

Miami feels like a different world before six am.

Those might be among the least desirable jobs. At least the baggage handlers don't have to deal with 'the customer' and bus drivers can remain silent, assuming only the typically silent commuters are riding. Gas stations are mostly automated and selling coffee keeps the peace.

But those airport folks are in there typing away, pretending to care whether or not your matching Louis Vuitton luggage is routed to Aruba correctly, all before six am.

Early morning sky.


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