Closet Organization

Closet Organization

A Guide For The Modern Man
| October 15, 2015

Organizing a closet is a daunting task that no one ever really likes to do unless you are Type A, but within one day you can have your closet fit for James Bond. In this guide you will get a step-by-step how-to for creating order in your closest.

Grab your keys and head to your closest department store (promise your shopping experience will only last one hour). Find a salesperson that can fit you for the right suit, dress shirt, jeans, casual pants and t-shirt. Although being in a mall while there is a game on TV (Pssst most department stores in the Men's section have a TV) this one hour of your life will teach you how to wear the right size. Prepare to be amazed!

Now that you know that you are a size 32 vs 36 you are ready to buy some hangers. The pro tip is to buy hangers that are the same because they will save you room and give a uniform look to the closet. You will need: shirt hangers, pant hangers and suit hangers for jacket and pants.

OK, it’s time to get into it. Spend 30 minutes to thin out wardrobe by creating a donation pile full of clothes you have not worn in the past year. This includes the one shirt you wore when you beat your buddies in a golf game at age 20. Your golf game is way better now - no need to hold on to it. This short amount of time forces you to be decisive.

Next step, remove all your clothes from the dry cleaner bag and wire hangers. Re-hang them on your NEW hangers.

Here comes the organization part that is divided into categories then subcategories going from light to dark colors.

Last step, hang everything in the order as listed above from right to left or top to bottom in the closet.

And now you've got a closet that's fit for a photograph.


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