No Diet Day

No Diet Day

In honor of our new favorite day, International No Diet Day, we're featuring a few fun fatty food destinations near our office.
| May 05, 2015

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Like everyone else in the nation, we’re ready to suck down copious amounts of tequila and Coronas for Cinco de Mayo! It’s one of the few [ok, many] holidays that we approve of waking up the next day still a bit inebriated. Hey, what are sick days for? But we bet you didn’t know that the geniuses at the calendar making factory created a sacred day just for this occasion, and we think it’s no accident that it falls on the day after May 5th. We present to you “No Diet Day”. We swear it’s a real holiday... Don’t believe us, just Google it! It’s almost as if they were preparing us for a countrywide hangover, and dear lord we all need an excuse to eat greasy french fries.

I Love Pizza, Harry’s Pizzeria

Cheese, bread and sauce; with pizza you just about hit all the major food groups. We picked I Love Pizza because they offer it by the slice so you don’t go off the deep end with a whole pie for just yourself. If you’d rather be a dignified gluten, head over to Harry’s Pizzeria for a more sophisticated Italian experience.

Ms. Cheezious

Two words: Grilled Cheese! If that doesn’t have hangover cure written all over it, then you’re obviously from Mars. Why do we love Ms. Cheezious? Because they make a classic childhood snack into a sophisticated adult treat. Creamy blue cheese with sautéed green onions & crispy bacon on fresh sourdough bread? Yes, please.


This is just a guilty pleasure bonus. How dare we mention fries and not put the king of processed greasy goodness on this list? Don’t be fooled by our refined palate; even the most cultured of men have passed through a McDonald’s drive through at least once in their life. We’re just giving you a valid excuse to eat at a place where you publicly scorn but secretly love.


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