One love. One World.

One love. One World.

Taking a Page from European Culture.
| November 06, 2015

Here at Modern look travel is a big part of our genetic makeup. It’s how we’re inspired to provide unique items to highlight your life and your home. Though we bet you never realized all the differences between our culture and its influences on our products. During our European Tour we learned how life comes full circle.

Basel, Switzerland Photo by: Ernest Reese

Recycling is easy… One thing we noticed on our European World Tour is that everyone keeps it one hundred when it comes to maintaining a low carbon footprint. Recycling is basically a must and is reflected in quite a few of ML’s offerings. Think about it… Remember those book sculptures by Felix Carmelo? Or even our tips on how to repurpose books into useful décor in your home? Yep, our friends in Europe showed us how to make recycling cool; we just took it up a notch.

Paris, France Photo by: Ernest Reese

Wine is essentially water in Europe… it goes with every meal, most food is prepared with it and in some parts of Europe, and people bathe in it! We’re drunk in love!! I’m sure you’ve noticed we always show our adoration to the liquid gold with a selection of items like the White Wine Crafe or the Red Wine Stopper & Pourer that highlights what wine has to offer. If you’re gonna drink it, might as well do it like the Parisians!

Photo by: Ernest Reese

Lastly, we appreciate that most European cities are quite old… With experience comes wisdom, right? It shows in the rich architecture and intricate designs displayed on building facades that Europe is a sleek cougar with much to offer. Like our motto, ModernLook wants to tap into the designer from within; inspire you to create your own history. Our trip around Europe has reaffirmed this mantra. Create your own legacy… Bestow your wisdom through style daily.

Photo by: Ernest Reese

One thing we will never change – eating burgers with our hands… we may pick up some things from our European cousins, but step away from the knife and fork when eating an Angus Cheeseburger, for god sakes!


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