An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

| September 09, 2015

Clean lines. Soft white surface. Minimal aesthetic. Everything we wish our lives would be: sleek and simple. That’s the basic appeal for Apple users. Why are some of us tied to our iPhones, MacBook groupies, and oh so committed iPad lovers? Have we really drank the Kool-Aid? In lieu of Apple announcing the new iPhone, we decided to analyze the way society gets so hyped up about the news. Are you ready to look into that black mirror?

Apple products have it all... and everyone wants one.

Let’s just say it: Apple products have it all – looks, brains, power - and they aren’t cheap. Owning an Apple product automatically enrolls you into a membership of other “must-have all things created by Steve Jobs” [or at least nowadays, his successors]. And damn it’s a good feeling, isn’t it? To have this beautiful object in your life that lets you talk to a chick named Siri, whom appears to know EVERYTHING! She’s like a universal camp counselor for those honored to be in the club.

But, when your prized possession is powered off, and that dark screen coldly stares back at you… Does your finger twitch? Can you not stand looking into the black mirror? Nowadays, when you see friends congregating, they are all glued to their iPhones. Totally afraid of FOMO when they are actually missing out on what’s going on around them. It’s an unnecessary appendage that has us all believing that it IS necessary. And to most, we are preaching the gospel! We don’t know whether to gasp in horror or sigh in agreement…

We can't seem to put the iPhone down...

Apple products hypnotize us in a way that we don’t even believe it’s an addiction; it’s a necessity. Like water; it’s the juice of life! Android users, save your intervention for someone else that really needs it, like people who still use Blackberries. Utilizing four of the 5 senses, is it just us or are you waiting for the day when people are actually licking their iPhones to taste what’s on their screens? Then our lives would be complete, don’t you think? So now that we have legitimized your addiction (you are welcome!) get to it and watch the live stream of the new iPhone announcement!


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